Spatial Structures

A project to design and construct a bridge in five days in the heart of Dartmoor.

Site Plan in Dartmoor


Contained within a patchwork of fields and woods, deep in Dartmoor National Park, is a village. 

A winding dirt track trails away into the wilderness. It leads to a small farm tucked into the fall of the land carved by a river.

Our brief is simply to reconnect the two sides of the garden which have been separated by the stream.

 Concept Model   

Concept Model



The enclosure was designed in order to highlight specific views and enhance the experience of traversing the river.

The subtle rotation of the timber ribs draws you forwards, and gives each point a distinct character.

 Rib Assembly

Rib Assembly

Plan & Rib Pattern


One Year Later...


Jerry Tate, Felix Yates, Naomi Rubbra, Jazz Austin, Harry Coucher, Alex Mihai, Jo McCallum, Kirsten Tatum, Beatrix Baker, Akex Ticalo, William Whittaker, Yulia Talykova, Abdulbari Kupti, Tania Novachic & Keeley Lowe.




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