Redefining Territories

Located in south-west Madrid, this project looks at the existing wall condition of the site as a study to inform the design for a library. By adapting and reconfiguring the continual wall element, the proposal seeks to create a collection of specific and varied spaces.

Situated at the junction between two disparate regions of the city, the site is at a confluence of orthogonal and organic grids. This collision of Old and New Town urbanism's creates a varied and rich district.

  * Hover over image to see proposed reconfiguration of site *

* Hover over image to see proposed reconfiguration of site *

The existing structure that encases the site is an artefact of the neighbourhood's progression. Whilst it performs many societal functions such as display area for discussions and graffiti space, it also segregates and fragments the site from the wider area.

Green space is maintained to encourage public use of the space, and to conduce an effective learning environment. This is extended south into the public street, engaging with the surroundings.

The proposed design offers a continual wall element, emulating the existing condition. It allows the site to be zoned into three distinct spaces. The structure acts as a conditioning element to control light, views, sound and space in each of these areas.




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