Concentric Communities

Community is forged between disparate groups of residents through the collective responsibility of a Sunday market in the square.

  1. Site Context

1.Site Context

Cowan's Close

An unusual block condition.

Previously a ring of residential buildings encased a core of industry. However industry gradually became displaced, and the core became redundant.

A transition occurred when residential development encroached within the block's boundaries. Now a collection of buildings exist that fail to address each other, and merely serve to optimise for their own condition.

This creates a series of fragmented and hermetic spaces.

  2.  Site Analysis

2.Site Analysis

  3.  Site Plan

3. Site Plan

A communal cavity is introduced to the programme. 

By providing public facilities, the aparments become additive to the block.

  4. Apartment Isometrics

4.Apartment Isometrics

  5. Communal Building

5.Communal Building

  6. Communal Market

6.Communal Market



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